December 12, 2013

At RICON West this year, we announced the Technical Preview of Riak 2.0. Before the full release (which will be available early next year), we are encouraging users to download the preview and start testing some of the exciting new features.

At RICON, we had many of the engineers who worked on these new features present their work. One feature that we’re particularly excited about is the addition of Riak Data Types. Riak 2.0 builds on eventually consistent counters (added with Riak 1.4) with the addition of maps and sets. These Riak Data Types simplify application development without sacrificing Riak’s availability and partition tolerance characteristics.

In “CRDTs: An Update (or Maybe Just a PUT),” Basho engineer, Sam Elliott, presents on the work being done with Riak Data Types. Sam and a few other engineers at Basho have been integrating cutting-edge research on data types (known as CRDTs), pioneered by INRIA, to create Riak Data Types. Sam talks about the latest developments on CRDTs and walks developers through how to use them in their own applications.

In addition to Sam’s talk, we also had a talk from Jeremy Ong on “CRDTs in Production.” His talk provides real world solutions to leveraging CRDT concepts for an industrial application via case study. He also offers some suggestions on how to tackle data operations that can’t always commute. You can watch his full talk below.

For more information about Riak Data Types, check out this overview on Github.

To watch all of the sessions from RICON West 2013, visit the Basho Technologies Youtube Channel.