November 5, 2013

RICON West, Basho’s distributed systems conference, took over San Francisco last week. RICON West was the largest RICON to date and was a huge success. We brought in speakers from both industry and academia to discuss the theory, practice, and importance of running distributed systems in production – as well as some predictions on what’s in store for the future.

For those that couldn’t attend RICON West, there was also a live stream available so you could tune in and watch all of the great talks. While we are editing the recorded talks, the video stream will remain available for you to watch any of the talks you missed or would like to rewatch. You can rewatch the video stream here.

If you attended RICON West or tuned in to the live stream, we would love your feedback! What did you love? How can we improve? Please take five minutes to fill out this quick survey.

We look forward to hearing from you!