May 9, 2011

At last month’s San Francisco Riak Meetup, Basho Developer Advocate Dan Reverri gave an extensive and action-packed presentation on Riak Search. This talk goes from a basic overview of what Riak Search is and does, up through running a Riak Search Sample application. If you’re at all interested in what Riak Search can do for your applications, this video is well worth your 35 minutes. You can also get a PDF copy of Dan’s slides here.

When you’re done with the video:

NOTE: In the presentation Dan states that Riak Search’s standard analyzer supports stemming. This is not entirely true. The standard analyzer currently does not support stemming, but Riak Search allows you to call out to Java Lucene analyzers, which *do* support stemming. Sorry for any confusion.



Riak Search Explained from Basho Technologies on Vimeo.