June 27, 2012

The team at Voxer has long relied on Riak as their primary data store for various production services. Over the last year or so, they have put Riak through its paces and have served as one of our more exciting customers and use cases: Riak was in place when they shot to the top of the App Store at the end of last year. We also love them because they open-sourced their Node.js client for Riak about a month back.

This talk was recorded last week at the Riak Meetup in San Francisco. In it, Matt Ranney, CTO, and Ryan Sokol, Director of Engineering, go in depth on why they selected Riak over a few other databases, how they built their services on it, the issues they ran into in production (and where they think Riak should improve) and, ultimately, why they feel Riak is the only technology capable of supporting their massive growth over the past twelve months. It’s an all-around great talk full of honest feedback and experience from one of our largest production users.

A few things to note:

* Their slides are here for those of you who like PDFs.
* Matt references this blog post about TCP Incast about halfway through the talk.
* If you want to work with Voxer on systems like this, they are hiring (and, in addition to having a great team, their new SF office is downright amazing).