January 31, 2012

The videos from last month’s San Francisco Riak Meetup are online and ready for consumption. The first features Julio Capote giving a short overview of the work he and Posterous are doing with Riak as a post cache. The second presentation was from Mark Phillips and it was all about Riak Control, the new Riak Admin Tool that will be fully supported in the forthcoming Riak 1.1 release.

We also need to give a special thanks to Jana Boruta and the team at StackMob for furnishing the awesome venue.

Enjoy, and thanks for being a part of Riak.

The Basho Team


Riak In Production At Posterous

This talk runs about 11 minutes. In it, Julio details the importance of the post cache at Posterous, what their initial solution to the problem was, and how they went about selecting Riak over MongoDB, MySQL, and Redis.

Preview of Riak Control

This talk runs just under 30 minutes. Mark starts with a history of the Riak Admin UI, details Basho’s motivations for writing and open-sourcing Riak Control, and then gives a live demo of the tool and talks about future enhancements.