March 20, 2013

Riak CS (Cloud Storage) is simple, available cloud storage software built on Riak. Basho announced today that Riak CS is now open source under the Apache 2 license. Organizations and users can now access the source code on Github and download the latest packages from the downloads page. Also, today, we announced that Riak CS Enterprise is now available as commercial licensed software, featuring multi-datacenter replication technology and 24×7 Basho customer support.

We will be hosting an introductory webcast to Riak CS on Tuesday, April 2. Sign up here.

Riak CS can be used to build private or public clouds or as reliable, available storage behind applications and platforms. Riak CS Enterprise is currently used by large corporations including Datapipe, Deutsche Vermögensberatung (DVAG), IDC Frontier, Rovio, and Yahoo! JAPAN.

Basho is a distributed systems company dedicated to making software that is available, fault-tolerant, and easy to operate at scale. Twenty-five percent of the Fortune 50 and thousands of open source users large and small run our flagship open source database, Riak. Riak CS takes distributed systems principles derived from production Riak users and applies it to the problem of large scale storage. We are excited to share this code with the world.

Riak CS features:

  • Highly available, fault-tolerant storage
  • Large object support
  • S3-compatible API and authentication
  • Multi-tenancy and per-user reporting
  • Simple operational model for adding capacity
  • Robust stats for monitoring and metrics

For users requiring multi-datacenter replication and enterprise-level support, Riak CS Enterprise (a commercial extension of Riak CS) is available.

New Features

Today we are also announcing several new features, available now as part of the open source edition.

  • Multipart upload. Upload very large files to Riak CS as a series of parts. Parts can be between 5MB and 5GB.
  • Support for GET range queries. Retrieve a range of bytes from a single object. This functionality is implemented in the “Range” request header of GET operations.
  • Per-bucket policies to restrict access to buckets based on source IP.
  • Riak CS Control. Riak CS Control is a standalone web administration tool for user management available on Github.

Supporting Quotes

“Basho, Yahoo! JAPAN, and IDC Frontier a member of Yahoo! JAPAN group have a very strong and growing partnership. Today, Yahoo! JAPAN and IDC Frontier leverage Riak CS Enterprise to offer an S3-compatible public cloud storage service, as well as dedicated hosting options for our customers various applications. Yahoo! JAPAN and IDC Frontier are highly supportive of open source software and we view Basho’s announcement today as a positive move that will work to accelerate its ability to innovate and ultimately strengthen our cloud platform.”
– Ash Yamanaka, general manager, IDC Frontier and
– Shingo Saito, cloud product manager, Yahoo! JAPAN

“Basho clearly understands the market power of open source. Since Citrix and Basho started collaborating last year, we have seen strong enthusiasm among Citrix CloudPlatform users for Basho’s cloud object storage solution. It has also provided the Apache CloudStack community with easy access to Riak CS for multi-tenancy and S3 compatibility. With today’s announcement, Citrix CloudPlatform customers will continue to benefit from Riak CS Enterprise for its distributed data capabilities across multiple data centers.”
– Sameer Dholakia, group vice president and GM, Citrix Platforms Group, Citrix

“Over the last six months, we have deployed Riak CS Enterprise within Datapipe’s 10gig Stratosphere cloud computing platform. Riak CS provides our customers with highly available, low-latency, S3-compatible cloud object storage. Datapipe is very supportive of Basho’s decision to open source portions of Riak CS. As Basho’s open source community grows, experiments, tests and contributes to Riak CS, Datapipe clients will benefit from access to additional capabilities and higher performance.”
– Ed Laczynski, vice president, Cloud Strategy and Architecture, Datapipe


Please join us for an introductory technical webcast to Riak CS on April 2. You can also read a technical overview on our website and find full documentation here.

In the coming weeks and months, we look forward to helping new users get started with Riak CS and be successful running it in production. We’ll be expanding integration and partnerships with open source cloud computing platforms in order to provide integrated storage and compute to the marketplace. As always, we’ll be listening to feedback, engaging with the community, and accepting pull requests.