May 14, 2012

In March we launched Riak CS – simple, available, distributed cloud storage software built on top of our enterprise database. With multi-tenancy, S3 API-compatibility, and large object storage, Riak CS lets you build public or private cloud services. Today we’re announcing the Riak CS for Startups program, which provides early-stage companies with access to Riak CS at a significant discount.

We’re excited to add Riak CS to our existing startups program, which has let us work with a number of innovative young companies utilizing Riak Enterprise in production. If your company is early, lean and doing something interesting with private clouds, public clouds or cloud storage in general, we’d love to hear from you.

In addition to software, we work directly with your team to ensure your infrastructure is configured properly and provide assistance as you scale. In return, you’ll help us grow the product and keep us on the cutting edge with your use cases and applications. And when it’s time, we’d love to help get the word out about what you are working on and how you are using Riak CS.

To participate, you should be:

  • incorporated
  • in a pre-institutional funding phase (self, seed or angel-funded)
  • willing to participate in case studies and marketing programs, and/or serve as a reference

Check out more information on Riak CS, and if you like what you see and think your startup qualifies, let us know.