November 4, 2012

Thanks to the urging of DeadZen, we now have a dedicated mailing list for Riak Core. You can subscribe here.

For those of you not familiar with Riak Core, it’s more-or-less the distributed systems infrastructure that makes up, well, the core of how Riak distributes data and scales. For some introductory reading (that’s not pure code), there’s an old but still valuable blog post on the Basho Blog that’s well worth your time.

Why a separate list? Because Core is a powerful library that can be (and is being) used to build applications distinct of the other OTP apps (kv, search, pipe, etc.) that make up Riak. I know of at least 10 companies that have Riak Core apps in production, and I’m sure there are many more just waiting to share their use cases with the

world (hint hint…). Plenty of Riak issues are Core-related, and these should still be handled on the Riak Mailing List. However, as Core gets more use, there are questions, comments, and concerns that will be specific to Core, so a separate forum for these makes sense. There will be some overlap, too, and Basho will take responsibility for cross-posting when necessary.

We’ve long been convinced of the power of Core, but it has received less tooling (docs, tutorials, etc.) due to lack of engineering time. This is a great first step to helping put more community power and focus behind Core.