March 21, 2013

Temetra is the most widely used meter management system for water in Ireland. They provide utility companies with a cloud service to store and manage meter data for utilities such as water, gas and electricity.

Each time one of Temetra’s utility customers reads a meter, that reading is stored by Temetra and made available to the utility. As Temetra found success at home and overseas, it resulted in huge amounts and variety of data: from the meter readings themselves, through meter location information and utility staff work schedules, to audit logs.

With the switch to smart meters, where one meter can now provide 35,000 readings per year instead of just four, Temetra needed to improve the scalability and availability of their platform. They chose Riak as their primary data store and use it to collect and process all meter data.

Paul Barry, Temetra’s CEO, told the London Riak meet-up why they chose Riak and how they went from their initial evaluation to deploying it in production. Check out his interesting talk here.