April 24, 2013

Will Gage of Shopzilla presented last week on their production Riak usage at the Santa Monica Java Users’ Group. Gage, a member of the Consumer Site Engineering team, shared details on how they built various user-facing services on Riak, why it was the right tool for the job, and when you might want to use it in production. Will’s talk starts at the 49 minute mark in the video embedded below, and it’s well worth your time. In addition to offering details on data modeling for their specific use cases, he also talks about service latencies for their production applications and how the Riak community played an important role in their decision.

Mark Phillips, Basho’s Director of Technical Evangelism, also presented. His talk starts at approximately the 1:20:00 point and is entitled Riak and the Power of Distributed Systems. An excellent complement to Will’s talk, this covers Riak’s architecture at a high level, how to access it as a developer, and then ends with a few use case discussions.

If you’re interested in more talks on Riak in production and the future of Riak, make sure to grab a ticket for RICON East, happening May 13-14 in New York City. This will be two days of talks, parties, and hacking dedicated to Riak, developers, and the future of distributed systems in production.

The Basho Team

Riak at Shopzilla