August 14, 2012

The inaugural Chicago Riak meetup happened last month, held at Braintree’s beautiful new offices in Downtown Chicago.

In this video, Ben Mills, a developer at Braintree, discusses how the backend team found limitations with running Postgres in a distributed envoirnment and began experimenting with alternatives. After evaluating MongoDB, Braintree eventually discovered Riak and found it to be a good fit, considering the high-availability requirement of their business use case. Ben then goes on to explain how they interface with Riak via Braintree’s Ruby framework Curator.

The talk runs just over 30 minutes (slides), and if you have limited experience with Riak, definitely worth a half hour of your day this week. Ben speaks objectively and provides insight into the decision making process Braintree made to begin to integrate Riak into their production environment.


Also, if you’re in the Chicago area and want to to hack on technology like Riak at an awesome office (complete with motorized scooters and a hammock room), Braintree is hiring.