July 10, 2013

Today, Basho Technologies announced the public availability of Riak 1.4.

The release includes new features and updates in addition to a substantive set of addressed issues. These updates include improvements to Secondary Indexes, simplified cluster management through Riak Control, reduced object storage overhead, and progress reporting for Hinted Handoff. Riak 1.4 also sets the stage for Basho’s upcoming major release, Riak 2.0, planned for Fall 2013.

In addition to these features and capabilities, Riak 1.4 includes eventually consistent, distributed counter functionality. Riak’s first distributed data type provides conflict resolution after a network partition and continues to advance Basho’s position of leadership within the distributed systems space.

This release encompasses both Riak and Riak Enterprise, which includes the multi-datacenter replication capability used by an increasing number of enterprise customers to address their critical data needs.

A full list of the new features and updates available in the 1.4 release can be found on the Basho blog post, Basho Announces Availability of Riak 1.4.