December 14, 2012

tl;dr – A Riak AMI is now available in the AWS Marketplace. Installation and configuration documentation is on the doc portal.

A number of our community members and customers already use Riak on AWS, and with the Riak AMI getting up and running should be much easier. At its simplest, the AMI is a ready-built virtual machine image and configuration of Riak for those who use Amazon EC2.

The Riak AMI also helps support a growing number of hybrid implementations where businesses use both private infrastructure and public cloud services. This hybrid model can be leveraged to address burst capacity issues, tenancy/locality concerns, and simple proof-of-concept deployments, in addition to a myriad of other business challenges.

The Riak AMI is configured for the OSS Riak implementation. If you need multi-datacenter replication and support, contact us to discuss Riak Enterprise.

We’d love to hear feedback on the AMI and additional things we can do to make running Riak on cloud infrastructure easier for you. Please drop a note in the mailing list with any feedback. Happy deploying!

Basho Team