December 9, 2013

Tomorrow (December 10th) at 10am PT/1pm ET, we will be hosting a live webinar, “Beyond NoSQL – Distributed Databases in Production.” This webinar will feature Matt Aslett (Research Director at 451 Research), Bobby Patrick (EVP and CMO at Basho Technologies), and Wes Jossey (Systems Engineer at Tapjoy). There are still seats available, and you can register here for more details.

This webinar will talk about the history of NoSQL and what issues NoSQL aimed to solve in regard to relational systems. It will then look at the current NoSQL landscape and architecture trends. From there, the webinar will focus on Basho’s Riak, a distributed NoSQL database, and some of its key features and use cases. Tapjoy, the mobile performance-based advertising platform (and Riak user) will discuss how they use Riak to provide reliable data locality to their customers and why they selected Riak to be the cornerstone of their data management strategy. Finally, it will wrap up with a look at what’s to come with Riak 2.0 and have a live question and answer session.

Be sure and register now for “Beyond NoSQL – Distributed Databases in Production.”