Professional Services

Tailored Assistance for Special Projects


For projects unrelated to implementation, training, and analysis, we offer custom services and pre-purchased blocks of days for project-based work, such as:

  • Proof of concept
  • Data modeling
  • Data migration

The length of custom engagements varies greatly depending on the project’s scope and requirements. We will work with you to assess the project and make a plan to meet your deadline.

Custom Services Details


The best timing for custom services is when additional resources or expertise are required to complete a project in the desired timeline.


The duration of these services is based on your needs.


The location for delivering these services can be either on-site at your location or by remote access.


Basho will work with you to define your specific deliverables. Here is a sample list of deliverables:

  • Document detailing requirements and approach
  • Deliver agreed upon technology or service, including any required user documentation
  • Final report summarizing work performed and any recommended next steps

Services Mapped to Deployment Schedule

BASHO Custom Scenario