October 29, 2009

NoSQL East 2009 kicked of last night at Tap, a great venue in midtown Atlanta. We met some of the organizers — Chris Williams and Brad Anderson — who in addition to trying to stoke some controversy and seed some passion, seemed eager to show us all the delights Atlanta has to offer — all honorable goals for a host. We visited with people from Rackspace, a developer from DC who flew himself down on his own dime to see what NoSQL was about, the CEO of Neo. Everyone seemed to agree: there is a ton of opportunity for alt db’s and the world is changing away from monolithic, one-size-tries-but-fails-to-fit-all databases to situationally driven use cases. We’ll see if the fellowship continues when the beer stops flowing but I suspect the market will have much more of a say: with all these choices, the developers are the ones who are empowered.

Justin Sheehy, our CTO, will be speaking soon. Today should give us lots to report.


Tony Falco