March 2, 2011

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Mathias Meyer, known to some of you as Roidrage, has joined the team here at Basho as a Developer Advocate.

Mathias has dabbled with databases of many sorts over the years, and spent the last two years automating the heck out of cloud infrastructure at Scalarium, a company he co-founded where he will continue to play an advisory role. Along the way he developed a certain fascination towards distributed databases and a secret crush on Riak.

His spare time is currently devoted to writing the NoSQL Handbook:, a project into which he is pouring his brains, soul, and an abundance of coffee. (On a related note, he has also agreed to take on the role of Coffee Advocate at Basho. Expect a webcast real soon.)

Mathias is based in Berlin and, as such, you can expect to see a lot of him at various events and conferences across Europe flying the Basho flag. His first stateside appearance as a member of the Basho team will be at JSConf, where he will be serving as the official conference photographer. (Basho also happens to be sponsoring both JSConf and NodeConf, by the way.)

You can find Mathias on GitHub as mattmatt and on Twitter as Roidrage.

Welcome, Mathias!

The Basho Team