September 3, 2010

Links and link walking are two very powerful concepts in Riak. If used appropriately within an application, they can help to add another level of relationships to your data that are typically not possible when using a key/value store as your primary storage engine. It’s for this reason that we thought new users should know how to use them.

Today we are adding a Links and Link Walking tutorial to the Riak Fast Track. In about 20 minutes, you will learn what links are and how to use them. And, to cap it all off, there is a 12 minute screencast put together by Sean Cribbs to give you a more in depth look at what links are all about.We think this is pretty cool stuff and we have a feeling you’ll enjoy it, too.

As usual, we love, want and need feedback, so send an email to with any questions or comments you might have. (I’ve also been known to send t-shirts in exchange for thoughts on how to make Riak and our documentation better…)

Enjoy, and thanks for using Riak!