October 14, 2013

Kivra is a Swedish company that provides secure digital mailboxes, allowing users to securely receive, upload, and store all postal mail. Their mailboxes help users organize bills and notifications while eliminating the environmental footprint created from paper mail.

At a Riak Meetup in Dublin earlier this year, Kivra CTO, Bip Thelin, spoke about how they currently use Riak. Originally, Kivra tried to build their platform on a SQL database. However, they quickly outgrew this system and decided to move their infrastructure to Erlang and Riak because of its scalability and resiliency. You can watch Bip’s full presentation below to learn more about why they chose to switch to Riak, how they built six Riak clusters, and some of the lessons they’ve learned.

Bip’s slides can also be viewed here:

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