April 15, 2011

We’ve been expanding at an impressive rate as of late (we’re trying to keep up with GitHub), and today we’re thrilled to announce that another amazing developer has joined the Basho Team. Join us in welcoming Jared Morrow!

Jared started his career working on autonomous aircraft for Northop Grumman, then moving to Qualcomm to work on various government products. His most recent position was at Schneider Electric, focusing first on embedded applications and then moving to developer tools. It was these tools where he first dabbled in Erlang and began deploying Riak internally.

And it’s on tools where he’ll be spending a lot of his time (at least initially) at Basho. Jared will be taking on the role of making every piece of software we release more stable and robust with a suite of build and release tools he’s working to deploy. (In other words, Riak, Webmachine, Riak Search, and everything else we develop is about to get even better.)

Jared lives with his family in Fort Collins, Colorado, and in the winter, after a big snowfall, you can find him snowboarding in Summit County. (Please don’t talk to him though, because as you know, “there are no friends on a powder day”.)

Jared’s on Twitter as @_jared and GitHub as jaredmorrow.

Welcome, Jared!

The Basho Team