January 2, 2014

To help provide a basic overview of Riak, we have put together a short, “Intro to Riak” webcast. This webcast has been recorded and can be referenced and shared at any time. It is a great way to get a basic understanding of Riak and is a useful tool to send to your team as you’re evaluating Riak.

This “Intro to Riak” webcast describes Riak at a high level and looks at some of the design goals, including high availability, low latency, horizontal scalability, fault tolerance, and operational friendliness. It then dives into some of these tenets a bit more to see how Riak achieves these design goals and how developers can build apps with Riak’s key/value data model. It also looks at some of the deployment options available for Riak and how to evaluate when Riak might make sense for your use case. Finally, it discusses some case studies of Riak in production and provides a look at the Riak roadmap.

To watch this webcast, simply fill out the “Intro to Riak” request form. You will then receive an email with the link to view the webcast.

We hope you find this “Intro to Riak” video useful when evaluating Riak!