**November 05, 2012**

Earlier this year we launched Riak CS – simple, available cloud storage built on Riak. We gave it an S3-compatible API, made it multi-tenant, and added per-user reporting on network and storage utilization. Riak CS provides the core features to build public or private clouds that are distributed, fault-tolerant and easy to scale.

New to Riak CS? Join us this Wednesday (11am PT / 2pm ET) for an Intro to Riak CS webcast with Basho chief architect Andy Gross and director of product management Shanley Kane. In this 30 minute webcast, we’ll cover:

* Main features, including S3-compatibility, multi-tenancy, large object support and reporting
* Operations and interfaces
* Use cases in public/private clouds and applications
* Latest release and roadmap plans

Register for the webcast [here](http://info.basho.com/IntroToRiakCSNov7.html).