March 5, 2012

Happy Monday. What better way to start the week than with a smart, insightful tech talk from a thoughtful, talented engineer?

Ted Nyman is the lead engineer at Simple, a startup that is changing the way people bank. Ted was kind enough to come out to BashoChats last week in San Francisco to share his views on building scalable, JVM-based services that just work in a talk called *Instant-ish Real Service Architecture*.

This talks runs just under 40 minutes and covers everything from valuable lessons learned shipping production applications to high-level, illustrative code samples that demonstrate how and why you should use the Dropwizard framework and its reliable, battle-tested underlying libraries when you need to ship services that make money. Ted’s also an entertainer and he brings almost as much humor and wit as he does worthwhile lessons and knowledge.

Ted’s slides are here. Join BashoChats so you can be a part of the next Meetup. And if have an idea for a talk at a future BashoChats, email **.