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Transportation, manufacturing, and utility companies all share the need to store, analyze, and manage large volumes of data in order to improve business efficiency and optimize customer experiences. Whether you need to improve asset tracking, ensure delivery of goods and services, or enable on-line purchases and tracking, you need to efficiently store and analyze data. While operational efficiency and favorable customer experiences remain differentiators in these industries, data analysis can help you optimize the routing, production, and delivery of goods and services.

This Big Data analysis can be challenging, because facilities, users, and devices are geographically distributed and creating an ever-increasing torrent of data. This data can be unstructured, and is often time-stamped data. The volume, velocity, and variety of this data makes it difficult to store in traditional relational databases.

As a distributed NoSQL database, Riak makes it easy to ingest, transform, store, and analyze Big Data, and Riak TS is specifically optimized for time series data. Riak is highly available, fault tolerant, and easy to operate at scale. With Riak, you can do real-time analysis of your data adding the intelligence you need to increase operational efficiency and create a differentiated customer experience.

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Riak for Transportation, Manufacturing & Utilities

  • Scale for Millions of Concurrent Connections — Transportation, manufacturing, and utility companies must support users and devices that generate millions of concurrent connections. The amounts of data consumed pushes the limits of existing IT infrastructure, and this data must be both accurate and available. You need a NoSQL database that can scale easily as you grow. Riak ensures data accuracy and makes it easy to add capacity on demand using commodity hardware. When new nodes are added, Riak yields a near-linear performance increase.
  • Resilient Systems — Downtime costs money, whether it’s due to hardware failures, network partitions, or maintenance windows. Riak’s masterless architecture keeps three copies of your data by default to ensure availability. If a node goes down, Riak clusters continue to operate, allowing you to replace lost nodes during normal business hours. To ensure high availability, Riak supports rolling upgrades with no maintenance window required.
  • Optimize for Time Series — Utility meters, IoT sensors, telematics fleet tracking, digital thermostats, and “smart” payment systems are just a few examples of technologies that create time series data. Traditional relational databases can not handle the volume and velocity of this data. Riak TS is specifically optimized for fast ingest and analysis of time series data. Plus, Riak TS is operationally easy to use with the ability to add capacity on demand without data sharding or manually restructuring your cluster.
  • Connect Global Users and Devices — Employees and customers access applications across regions or even across the world … yet they expect and need data to load quickly. Latency can impact efficiency, productivity, safety, sales, and more. Riak Enterprise’s Multi-cluster Replication allows data to be physically close to your users for faster response times.
  • Decisions Based on Advanced Analytics — Big Data analytics helps decode complex transportation, manufacturing, and utility data, and can help realize improvements in efficiency, safety, yield, and customer service. For example, manufacturing operations managers can analyze historical data to improve product quality and yield by reducing waste and variability in their production processes. Riak provides highly available and scalable data storage, and integrates with Apache Spark to provide you with real-time actionable intelligence.
  • Data Accuracy — Complete and accurate data is core to running your company. Data is used to track inventory, vendor performance, and inform supply chain decisions. Everything from planning infrastructure investments and public policy strategies to evaluating new services and industry competition requires data. Riak is architected to ensure data accuracy so you can analyze trends and identify opportunities.

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Uber Relies on Riak for its Dispatch Platform

Uber has thousands of drivers and millions of riders, and is available in over 400 cities in more than 70 countries. Uber depends on Riak to keep drivers and riders connected. Riak’s resiliency and ease of scale are critical for Uber’s quickly changing demand. So whether it’s New Year’s Eve or just getting you across town, Riak ensures that driver’s are dispatched and riders aren’t left out in the rain.


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Temetra Scales to Manage Billions of Data Points with Riak

Temetra has thousands of users and millions of meters that create billions of data points. The massive influx of data became difficult to manage with the company’s legacy SQL database. Temetra needed a scalable and reliable solution to access and store the growing volume of critical data created by smart meter readings. They chose Riak due to its high availability, performance, and ease of operation.


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