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Total control of Big Data.

Software and Technology companies span a broad range. Whether you are a social media, security, service, or infrastructure company, you are storing and retrieving LOTS of data — Big Data.

Software and Technology companies are growing and evolving quickly and need a database that can handle their Big Data challenges. Since most of this data is unstructured and the volume is constantly growing, traditional relational databases aren’t up for this challenge. Tech companies need a database that can scale easily, is globally available, and can handle the massive growth in unstructured data cost effectively.

Software and Technology companies are turning to distributed NoSQL database solutions to meet their stringent requirements for high availability, fault tolerance, low latency, massive scale, and ease of operations.

Riak was designed to satisfy these demands. It is a reliable, scalable, distributed NoSQL solution for today’s most ambitious Big Data and IoT applications.

Riak is an ideal solution for many software and technology companies charged with managing, processing, and analyzing growing amounts of Big Data. Riak provides the scalability, constant uptime, and fast performance that these companies require while remaining easy to operate.

Software and Technology companies turn to Riak for:

  • High Availability — Software and Technology companies are increasingly global and need their data to be available. Downtime costs money. Riak is architected for resiliency even in the event of network partition or hardware failure; data is never lost.
  • Enhanced Scalability — Today’s Software and Technology companies are growing quickly and the amounts of data they consume is pushing the limits of their IT infrastructure. They need a NoSQL database solution that can scale easily as they grow. Riak makes adding capacity easy. When new nodes are added, Riak automatically distributes data evenly to prevent hot spots in the database and yields a near-linear increase in performance and throughput when capacity is added.
  • Global Availability — Since Software and Technology companies are global, Riak has innovative database architecture that provides fast read and write functionality for globally distributed data. With advanced Multi-cluster Replication, Tech companies can deploy multiple clusters across the datacenter or across the globe.
  • Real-Time Analytics — Many Software and Technology companies need real-time analytics. The Apache Spark Connector for Riak is architected for high performance, real-time analysis, and persistence of data, which is especially necessary for security companies. With the Spark Connector, data can be stored in Riak KV or Riak TS for further processing by Spark or other Big Data application components.
  • Increased Application Performance with Redis Caching — The Redis Connector for Riak combines the speed of Redis with the power of Riak KV’s distributed NoSQL database to provide low latency and high performance at scale. Using Riak KV together with Redis caching reduces latency and ensures availability when accessing your data.


Riak is the talk of the town at Yammer.

Yammer, a Microsoft company, is an enterprise social network, delivered as a web application via a SaaS model, for communication between company employees. Yammer chose Riak KV for its alert notification system. Riak KV was selected for its low-latency, high availability, scalability, more mature operational tools, and strong community and commercial support.

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Riak delivers rewarding performance for Tapjoy.

Tapjoy is a mobile advertising and monetization platform that allows end users to select and engage with personalized advertisements in exchange for rewards. Tapjoy is available on more than one billion devices to users all over the world and Riak KV is the cornerstone of their data management strategy. Riak KV meets Tapjoy’s high availability and low-latency requirements with more than 250,000 operations per second, all while sustaining sub-millisecond response times and rock-solid stability.

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Riak KV is uniquely architected to handle user and session data.


Riak KV is a fundamentally content-agnostic database that can store virtually anything.


Riak KV provides the data architecture required by modern messaging and chat applications.


Riak KV Enterprise with multi-cluster replication ensures business continuity in the event of an outage.