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Software and Technology companies have a broad range of Big Data and IoT applications. They are growing and evolving quickly and need a database that can handle their Big Data application challenges. Since most of this data is unstructured and the volume is constantly growing, traditional relational databases can’t meet the requirements and are expensive. Tech companies need a database that can scale easily, is globally available, and can handle the massive growth in unstructured data cost effectively.

Riak was designed to satisfy these demands. It is a reliable, scalable, distributed NoSQL solution for today’s most ambitious Big Data and IoT applications.

Riak is an ideal solution for many software and technology companies who must store, process, and analyze this growing amount of Big Data. Riak provides the scalability, constant uptime, and fast performance that these companies require, while remaining easy to operate.

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Riak for Software & Technology

  • “Always-on” Experience — Downtime costs money, whether due to hardware failure, network partition, or maintenance windows. Riak’s masterless architecture keeps three copies of your data by default to ensure availability. If a node goes down, Riak clusters continue to operate, allowing you to replace lost nodes during normal business hours, conduct rolling upgrades, and reduce operational costs.
  • Scale for Millions of Concurrent Connections — Software and Technology companies are growing quickly and the amounts of data they consume is pushing the limits of their IT infrastructure. This data must be accurate and available. They need a NoSQL database solution that can scale easily as they grow. Riak ensures data accuracy and makes it easy to add capacity on demand using commodity hardware. When new nodes are added, Riak KV automatically distributes data evenly across the cluster to prevent hot spots, and yields a near-linear performance increase.
  • Low-latent Global Connectivity — Software and Technology companies must support global access for thousands and even millions of users. Riak has innovative database architecture that provides fast read and write functionality for globally distributed data. Riak is designed for reliability and to never lose a write. With advanced Multi-cluster Replication, you can deploy multiple clusters across the datacenter or across the globe.
  • Easily Handle IoT and Time Series Data — Whether to collect sensor data or optimize IT infrastructure, software and technology companies must store and analyze torrents of time-stamped data. This data must be processed fast and efficiently in a database that can handle the massive volume and velocity of this data. Riak TS is specifically optimized for fast ingest and analysis of time series data and is operationally easy to use. Riak TS scales on demand with the resiliency you can trust to ensure you are always “open” for business.
  • Chat and Messaging Services — Whether providing an enterprise social network like Yammer or customer support via chat, real-time messaging needs to be always up and available. Enabling chat and messaging at scale requires very fast data storage. Due to its key/value design, Riak KV is ideal for supporting messaging features, and for storing and serving social content.
  • Real-time Analytics — Once a stellar app gets adopted, user data pours in. Of course, that data is only useful if it’s analyzed. With Riak, you can query using 2i, Solr, MapReduce, or, with Riak TS, even SQL. Also, the Riak Apache Spark Connector is architected for high performance, real-time analysis, and persistence of data. With the Spark Connector, data can be stored in Riak for further processing by Spark or other Big Data application components. Riak also integrates with Mesos, Kafka, and Redis giving you a suite of tools for integrating with your Big Data pipeline.

Customer Testimonials


Riak is the talk of the town at Yammer.

Yammer, a Microsoft company, is an enterprise social network, delivered as a web application via a SaaS model, for communication between company employees. Yammer chose Riak KV for its alert notification system. Riak KV was selected for its low-latency, high availability, scalability, more mature operational tools, and strong community and commercial support.

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Riak delivers rewarding performance for Tapjoy.

Tapjoy is a mobile advertising and monetization platform that allows end users to select and engage with personalized advertisements in exchange for rewards. Tapjoy is available on more than one billion devices to users all over the world and Riak KV is the cornerstone of their data management strategy. Riak KV meets Tapjoy’s high availability and low-latency requirements with more than 250,000 operations per second, all while sustaining sub-millisecond response times and rock-solid stability.

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