Scale security software and services.

Security companies focus on making the cyberworld a safer place, whether by securing email or alerting ops teams of possible security breaches. To do this, security companies collect and analyze as much data as possible to protect their customers.

More and more companies are moving security software from on-premise to the cloud, which means that ensuring data availability is even more critical. But managing and accessing Big Data is difficult and database downtime can equate to a security breach. Security companies need a distributed database that is always available for high-volume reads and writes, and where it’s easy to quickly add capacity as data grows. With millions of dollars at stake, database failures can’t be risked.

Security companies are turning to NoSQL solutions to ensure that there is no single point of failure with their infrastructure, to reduce complex infrastructure design, and to make it easier and less complex to ensure that data is there when it is needed.

Riak is an ideal solution for security companies that need to collect, process, analyze, and manage Big Data. It provides the scalability, constant uptime, and fast performance security companies require while remaining easy to operate.

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Riak for Security

  • Minimize Downtime — Security apps can’t be down, so security companies need to serve data, even in the event of network partition or hardware failure. Riak’s masterless architecture automatically replicates data within the cluster, so nodes can fail, but the system still responds to requests. You can replace lost nodes during normal business hours, conduct rolling upgrades, and reduce operational costs. No Downtime.
  • Scale for Millions of Concurrent Connections — Successful security companies, especially those offering Security-as-a-Service, need to support hundreds of thousands or even millions of concurrent connections with 100% uptime. This requires a solution that can grow fast and seamlessly. When new nodes are added to a Riak KV cluster, they automatically distribute data evenly to prevent hot spots in the database, and yield a near-linear increase in performance and throughput when capacity is added.
  • Scale Quickly and Cost Effectively — Growing security companies need a NoSQL database solution that can scale as easily and as quickly as they grow. With Riak, you can scale up or down easily using commodity hardware. Riak is operationally easy to use with the ability to add capacity on demand without data sharding or manually restructuring your cluster.
  • Real-time Analytics — Analyzing application data can provide security companies with valuable information about impending attacks or threats. Riak with the Apache Spark Connector is architected for high performance, real-time analysis, and persistence of data, which is especially necessary for security companies. With the Spark Connector, data can be stored in Riak KV or Riak TS for further processing by Spark or other Big Data application components. Riak also integrates with Mesos, Kafka, Redis, and Solr giving you a suite of tools for integrating with your Big Data pipeline.
  • Low-latent Global Connectivity — Security software is global. Threats come from around the world and users are everywhere. Riak has an innovative database architecture that provides fast read and write functionality for globally distributed data. With advanced Multi-cluster Replication, Security companies can deploy multiple clusters across the datacenter or across the globe.
  • Identify Threats Earlier — Collecting, tracking, and analyzing time-stamped data associated with network, device, and user behavior can help identify security threats early. Traditional relational databases aren’t designed for the volume and velocity of this time series data. Riak TS is a high performance, highly resilient NoSQL database optimized for fast reads and writes of time series data, helping you better protect your customers.

Customer Testimonials


Riak’s global scalability helps Symantec secure the world.

Symantec, one of the world’s largest information protection companies with a huge global data-intelligence network, selected Riak KV to back a system running 26+ million concurrent connections, 38+ million unique endpoints (and growing by a half million per week), and 28,000+ requests per second at daily peak. They depend on Riak KV for a massively scalable data store and the ability to replicate data across datacenters.

Alert Logic

Alert Logic moves from MySQL to Riak KV to scale analytics infrastructure.

Alert Logic, an industry-leading Security-as-a-Service provider, helps companies defend against security threats and address compliance mandates, such as PCI and HIPAA. They switched from MySQL to Riak KV to support the development of a new analytics infrastructure required to collect and process machine data and to perform real-time analytics, detect anomalies, ensure compliance, and proactively respond to threats.