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Changes in demographics, consumer trends and the availability of content through new technology are making it more difficult than ever to keep your audience engaged. Your customers expect instant access to content anytime and anywhere, and your ability to deliver both convenience and memorable experiences instantly defines success.

Today’s Media and Entertainment companies need to take advantage of the opportunities being generated by technological and social changes and trends. To meet the requirements of continuous and instant access, as well as provide seamless and personalized services, you need a flexible database that is always available to your application, can scale to meet spikes in demand, and can handle complex analytics.

Traditional relational databases can’t meet the requirements for reliability, massive scalability, and speed. Riak is an ideal solution for media and entertainment applications that need to be reliable and fast at scale.

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Riak for Media & Entertainment

  • Accurate, “Always-on” Content — Whether for video streaming or a weather report, customers expect 24/7 access to content, so even when hardware fails, your system must stay online. Riak is designed to continue to read and write data in the event of network partitions or hardware failures. When data is written to Riak, it is automatically replicated, ensuring your data is always available for read/write access. Your customers get uninterrupted access to all their favorite content.
  • Meet Your Audience Where They Are — Video streaming must be fast regardless of where the customer is located. Customers want their content delivered immediately, and slow buffering leads to a poor user experience and abandonment. Also, when dealing with billions of reads and writes, you need the ability to add capacity affordably. Scaling up relational databases by adding expensive servers is costly, time consuming, and inflexible. With Riak, you can scale up or down easily using commodity hardware, and with Riak Enterprise Multi-cluster Replication, you can locate content physically close to the end user for fast response times.
  • Let’s Chat — Customers expect fast and easy communication, whether to reach customer support via chat, or to communicate with other users. Fast data storage is required to support communication with millions of global, concurrent users. With its key/value design, Riak KV scales easily, making it an ideal solution for chat implementations.
  • Maximize Audience Analytics — Understanding how people interact with their content requires ingesting, managing, filtering, and analyzing real-time data feeds from a variety of sources. Riak KV provides many different tools for querying and indexing data, such as a full-text search engine and secondary indexing. Riak TS provides optimized storage of IoT and time series data with SQL queries. The Apache Spark Connector for Riak automatically synchronizes data between Riak and Spark for real-time, in-memory analytics.
  • Analyze IoT and Time Series Data — Data streams in from devices ranging from set-top boxes to weather stations and satellites. The Weather Company even gets data feeds from people measuring snow levels in their backyard. The Internet of Things not only creates a vast amount of data to be stored, but that data is also time stamped. Riak TS is optimized for time series data. It co-locates time-stamped data for fast reads and writes. Also, it allows you to create tables and perform SQL queries to make it easy to analyze things like historical roll-ups (e.g. average temperatures for a given city) or to predict spikes in demand.

Customer Testimonials

The Weather Company

The Weather Company provides the world’s best weather forecasts with Riak.

In order to provide millions of people around the world with weather forecasts, The Weather Company deployed Riak across multiple Amazon Web Services (AWS) availability zones, Riak is used to store a variety of data from over 130,000 data sources including satellites, radars, forecast models, users, and weather stations worldwide.

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Intellicore underpins its sports data communication platform with Riak TS

Intellicore adopted Riak TS to power its Sports Data Management Platform, which is used by electric racing organization, Formula E, to provide real-time race analysis to its customers.


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