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Online gaming continues to grow in popularity, whether for huge gaming communities like Riot Games’ League of Legends or gaming sites like bet365, one of the world’s leading online gambling groups.

Innovation is critical to retain long-term customer loyalty and is changing the way gamers play online. These changes include the move away from single bets on an event to in-game betting on an ever-increasing range of metrics. The advent of regional gaming competitions, like the League of Legends World Championship with an annual grand prize of $1 million, shows just how far gaming has come.

This growth is forcing changes to existing infrastructure in order to keep up with demand and innovation. Traditional relational databases can’t meet the requirements for massive scalability, speed, and fault tolerance

Companies who build games or betting sites use Riak KV in four key ways:


  • Player Data – Riak KV provides low-latency, highly available data storage for key player data, including user and profile information, game performance, statistics and rankings, and more. Riak KV also provides many different tools for querying and indexing this data, such as a full-text search engine and secondary indexing.
  • Session Storage – Riak KV is used to store and serve session data with predictable low-latency, which is necessary for game play. Riak KV imposes no restrictions on the type of content stored (since all objects are stored on disk as binaries), so session data can be encoded in many ways and can evolve without administrative changes to schemas.
  • Global Data Locality – While gaming, players require a low-latency experience, regardless of their physical location. Interrupted or slow game play can lead to poor user experience and player abandonment. Riak KV Enterprise’s multi-datacenter capabilities allow game data to be physically close to players for fast response times regardless of player location.
  • Social Information – Riak KV is built for very fast data storage. Due to its inherent design and Riak’s simple key/value data model, Riak KV is ideal for storing and serving social content such as social graph information, player profiles, player relationships, social authentication accounts, and other types of social gaming data.




Riot Games, the creator of the multiplayer powerhouse League of Legends, has millions of concurrent players at any given moment. They depend on Riak KV to store player and session data and have a secondary Riak KV cluster for queries and analytics.

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bet365 is one of the world’s leading online gambling groups, with more than 18 million customers in 200 countries. Players need to be able to make and claim bets instantly since lost time can cause a lost bet or worsen odds. bet365 selected Riak KV over nine other solutions for its stability, reliability and speed.

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Gaming & Betting Users:

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Riak KV is uniquely architected to handle user and session data.


Riak KV is a fundamentally content-agnostic database that can store virtually anything.


Riak KV provides the data architecture required by modern messaging and chat applications.


Riak KV Enterprise with multi-cluster replication ensures business continuity in the event of an outage.

Get the Riak KV for Gaming Solution Brief and learn how gaming and betting companies are changing existing infrastructure to keep up with demand and innovation.