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Highly creative games combined with dynamic technology developments have turned gaming and betting into a highly competitive multi-billion dollar industry. Gamers can now bet on an ever-increasing range of metrics and outcomes, like who will score and when, not just the outcome of a game. Online games, like League of Legends, are now not just about playing the game, but also interacting with other gamers. These online applications require fast development cycles, efficient deployment, and instantaneous user experiences. Traditional relational databases can’t meet the requirements for massive scalability, speed, and fault tolerance.

Riak is an ideal solution for scaling thousands of concurrent gamers, analyzing user statistics, and keeping users socially engaged. Riak KV is a distributed key/value store for storing user and session data. Riak TS is specifically optimized for time series data.

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Riak for Gaming & Betting

  • “Always-on” Gaming — When hardware fails, your system must stay online so your gamers can keep playing. Riak’s masterless architecture is designed to continue to operate even in the event of network partition or hardware failures. By default, Riak keeps three copies of your data across the cluster ensuring your data is always available for read/write access. Your app keeps running and your gamers keep playing.
  • Scale Gamer Connections — Riak provides highly available, scalable, and accurate data storage for player data like user and profile information, game performance, statistics and rankings, and more. Riak KV is used to store and serve user and session data with the predictable low latency necessary for game play. Riak KV imposes no restrictions on the type of content stored and never loses a write, so session data can be encoded in many ways and can evolve without administrative changes to schemas.
  • Stream Time Series Data — Fast ingest and analysis of time series data is a challenge. To store and analyze data like win rates, streaming sports statistics, or IoT device data, you need a database that can handle the volume and velocity of this data. Riak TS is specifically optimized for fast ingest and analysis of IoT and time series data so you can continuously display updated stats.
  • Low-latency Global Connectivity — Gaming requires a fast experience, regardless of the gamers physical location. Interrupted or slow game play can lead to poor user experience and abandonment. Riak Enterprise includes Multi-cluster Replication so that game data is physically located close to players for fast response times regardless of player location.
  • Scalable Chat Services — Whether used for customer support or in-game communication between players, chat is a crucial feature for gaming and betting applications. Supporting millions of concurrent users requires very fast data storage. Due to the key/value design, Riak KV is ideal for supporting chat features, and for storing and serving social content, such as social graph information, player profiles, player relationships, social authentication accounts, and other types of social gaming data.
  • Real-time Analytics — Riak provides many different tools for querying and indexing data, such as a full-text search engine and secondary indexing. With Riak TS you can even use SQL. The Riak Apache Spark Connector automatically synchronizes data between Riak and Spark for real-time, in-memory analytics.

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Riot Games, the creator of the multiplayer powerhouse League of Legends, has millions of concurrent players at any given moment. They depend on Riak KV to store player and session data and have a secondary Riak KV cluster for queries and analytics.

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bet365 is one of the world’s leading online gambling groups, with more than 18 million customers in 200 countries. Players need to be able to make and claim bets instantly since lost time can cause a lost bet or worsen odds. bet365 selected Riak KV over nine other solutions for its stability, reliability and speed.

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