March 12, 2013

Riak provides low-latency, highly available storage to power gaming platforms and applications. Gaming companies use Riak to store player and game data, session and social information, and a variety of gaming content and events. This post offers a quick look at the advantages of Riak and some user case studies. Later this week, we’ll publish an in-depth look at the common gaming use cases and examples of data modeling.

For a complete overview, download the whitepaper, “Gaming on Riak: A Technical Introduction.”

Advantages of Riak

  • Support for Rapid Growth: Built for operational ease-of-use, Riak yields a near-linear performance and throughput increase as capacity is added.
  • Low-Latency Design: Riak is designed to store data and serve requests predictably and quickly, even during peak times.
  • Flexible, Reliable Storage: Riak has a flexible data model with redundancy built-in, and a number of mechanisms to maintain availability even in the event of node failure or network partition. Riak is content-agnostic, providing flexibility for document, image, video, and other storage.
  • Multi-Datacenter Replication: Riak Enterprise’s multi-datacenter replication provides disaster recovery and data locality.

Case Studies

Hibernum is a creator and developer of unique gaming experiences that combine the latest in social gaming, top quality visuals and animations, and cutting edge design. They switched from a relational database to Riak due to its high availability, ability to scale to peak loads, and predictable operational cost. Riak is used to store user game information for one of their most popular social games. For more information about how Hibernum uses Riak, check out the complete case study.

Kiip is a platform that lets brands provide rewards to mobile gamers for in-game achievements. Kiip replaced MongoDB with Riak in order to achieve low read/write latencies and horizontal scalability. Kiip uses Riak for session and device data. To learn more about Kiip’s experience selecting Riak, check out this video by two of their engineers.

To learn more about how your gaming platform can benefit from Riak, download “Gaming on Riak: A Technical Introduction.” For more information about Riak, sign up for out webcast on Thursday, March 14.