July 1, 2013

GameLab2013 is Barcelona’s Videogame and Interactive Entertainment International Conference. It brings together creators, managers, and visionaries from across the industry to discuss current challenges and trends that will guide the future of digital entertainment. Some key topics include emerging gaming markets, new distribution platforms, shifting business models, and the evolution of social and mobile games.

This year, Tom Santero, Technical Evangelist at Basho, was invited to speak about how Riak fits into the evolving gaming industry. His talk, “Riak: Distributed Storage for Games You Don’t Have to Worry About,” describes how video games have changed over the years and how supporting massive global scale is now the norm for many gaming companies. He then describes how Riak can be a perfect fit for many gaming applications as it is designed for linear scalability, fault tolerance, high write throughput, low latency, and high availability. He also discusses how some gaming companies, such as Rovio and Hibernum, are currently using Riak to support their multi-platform applications. You can view his entire slide deck below:

To learn more about how Riak can be used for gaming platforms and applications, check out our Gaming Resources Page.