February 7, 2011

We started Basho Technologies with an idea as simple and timeless as an honest day’s work: databases shouldn’t lose data. Sounds radical, we know, but some people think losing data is fine as long as they have cool coffee mugs. (By their own admission, these folks have built “databases” that run the risk of losing data if users issue a simple “kill -9″ command.)

We at Basho chose a different approach. We spent next to nothing on marketing for the last three years. Instead, we chose to invest our money and time developing a database that, among other things, offers the expected guarantees and safeguards typically associated with data storage technologies. Lose a machine, lose a rack, lose a data center — and your data is safe. Issue the “kill -9″ command on a Riak node and you will see what we mean.

In celebration of our commitment to protecting data, we’ll be hosting something we are calling “KillDashNine” parties on the 9th of every month in various cities — wherever data loss is shrugged off and data durability is an after-market add-on.

The first KillDashNine party is happening this Wednesday, 2/9, in San Francisco If you’re in the area and believe in classic drinks and out-of-the box data durability, you should join us. This month’s featured drink is the “Dash Dur-Ty Martini” and anyone who is confident that issuing a “kill -9″ on their running database won’t result in data loss gets a Dash Dur-Ty Martini on Basho.

(If you’re interested in helping get a KillDashNine event started in your area, email mark@basho.com.)