December 11, 2013

The Basho team congratulates Covata on the successful launch of Covata Safe Share earlier today. Covata Safe Share is a document security solution that enables the guaranteed secured sharing of data to users on any device, anywhere, while also addressing the risk of data leakage and loss. Covata Safe Share embeds Riak as the highly available distributed database managing user, access-control, and document data. Over the past several months, Basho and Covata have collaborated together to address enterprise-class requirements for sensitive document data sharing.

Covata Safe Share is a web-based interface that guides users through the simple process of selecting a file to protect, assignment of authorized or ad hoc Collaborators, and defining the access controls that identify the conditions under which the file can be accessed. Originators can revoke access to any file at any time or change the access controls to adapt to evolving circumstances and requirements. Data can be stored on one or more cloud storage providers, giving the organization complete deployment flexibility. Organizations retain full ownership of the encryption keys, access controls and audit data, and can store these elements on-premises while moving secured data to the cloud. This prevents the cloud storage provider from gaining access to sensitive data.

The growth in cloud storage continues to accelerate. Basho is excited to continue to work with Covata to “protect data wherever it goes.”

Covata’s press release, Covata Introduces Safe Share For Securing Data In The Cloud, has additional detail on the launch.