July 26, 2012

We have some more good news to pass along: Casey Rosenthal, an engineer on Basho’s Professional Services team, has had a paper accepted for publication at the 2012 IEEE Conference on Computational Intelligence and Games.

The paper is called “Personality Profiles for Generating Believable Bot Behaviors” and the work behind it focuses on personality profiles and how they are used to develop parameterized bot behaviors. From the abstract:

While personality profiling models were originally designed as a descriptive tool for human behavior, here we use them as a generative tool, allowing a plurality of different behaviors to result from a single rule set. This paper describes our use of the Five-Factor Model of personality to develop a bot that plays Unreal Tournament 2004.

Casey spent several years developing the related algorithms for a business management simulation called SMRTS, which is used in the pharmaceutical industry and higher education. Professor Clare Bates Congdon with the Department of Computer Science, University of Southern Maine, was a co-author.

He’ll be attending the conference in September in Granada, Spain to present his research and the actual paper will be available online after the conference.

Congratulations to Casey!

The Basho Team