July 9, 2012

We have some good news from the Basho Engineering Team to share with the community: Bryan Fink and Joseph Blomstedt have both had papers accepted to the Eleventh ACM SIGPLAN Erlang Workshop.

Bryan’s paper, “Experience Report: Distributed Computation on Dynamo-style Distributed Storage: Riak Pipe”, details the design and internals of Riak Pipe, the distributed processing framework that forms the foundation for Riak’s MapReduce engine. Bryan is the primary author of Riak Pipe.

Joseph’s submission, “Concurrent Property-based Testing: From Prototype to Final Implementation”, is based on the work that he and the team did (and continue to do) to test and bullet-proof the resiliency of Riak. (He gave a related talk at Erlang Factory this past March.)

They will both be part of the Workshop happening September 14th in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Congratulations to Bryan and Joseph!

The Basho Team