Basho Palette

The Basho Palette is as follows, with hex and spot colors provided:

  • HEX: 3B4A5D PANTONE: 7545 C
    CMYK: 80, 65, 44, 30

  • HEX: 6C8997 PANTONE: 7544 C
    CMYK: 62, 38, 33, 3

  • HEX: 79AEB6 PANTONE: 5493 C
    CMYK: 54, 18, 26, 0

  • HEX: A7C7BF PANTONE: 5477
    CMYK: 35, 10, 25, 0

  • HEX: 6F8A86 PANTONE: 5487
    CMYK: 60, 35, 45, 5

  • HEX: 304A48 PANTONE: 5497
    CMYK: 80, 55, 62, 40

  • HEX: 696969 PANTONE: Cool Gray 10C
    CMYK: 59, 50, 50, 18

  • HEX: 4C555C PANTONE: 7540 C
    CMYK: 70, 57, 50, 28

  • HEX: 959CA6 PANTONE: 7543 C
    CMYK: 44, 33, 28, 1

    CMYK: 13, 10, 7, 0

  • HEX: F3F3F5 PANTONE: 663 C
    CMYK: 3, 2, 2, 0

    CMYK: 7, 1, 2, 0

  • HEX: FCC074 PANTONE: 141
    CMYK: 0, 28, 55, 0

  • HEX: F99D33 PANTONE: 144
    CMYK: 0, 45, 90, 0

  • HEX: E57825 PANTONE: 145
    CMYK: 7, 64, 100, 0

Partner Logo

Always ensure the other logos appear equal in stature.

Never place the Basho logo closer than the minimum clear space from the Basho Logo (1/3 of the Logo away).

Other Brand Nuances

  • If you use a gradient it may only be VERY LIGHT. Basho branding does not work with high intensity shadow or gradients.
  • Please be sure the elements in your design are aligned and anchored to other elements.
  • When printing Basho branding materials and logos, be sure to knock out the white beneath the logo so no overprinting and distortion of color occurs.
  • Do not use color variations other than those shown for the logos and included in the palette.

Talking About Basho and Products

Talking About Basho

Short version: Basho is a distributed systems company that makes Riak, an open source distributed database, and Riak CS, open source cloud storage software.

Boiler Plate: Basho is a distributed systems company dedicated to making software that is highly available, fault-tolerant and easy-to-operate at scale. Basho’s distributed database, Riak, and Basho’s cloud storage software, Riak CS, are used by fast growing Web businesses and by over 25 percent of the Fortune 50 to power their critical Web, mobile and social applications and their public and private cloud platforms.

Riak and Riak CS are available open source. Riak Enterprise and Riak CS Enterprise offer enhanced multi-datacenter replication and 24×7 Basho support. For more information, visit Basho is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts and has offices in London, San Francisco, Tokyo and Washington DC.

Talking About Riak

When referring to Riak or Riak CS, please use “Basho Riak” and/or “Basho Riak CS” in the first mention of either product.

Riak: Riak is an open source distributed database that’s architected for high availability, fault-tolerance and scalability.

Always link to the Riak page -

Riak CS: Riak CS is open source, large object storage built on top of Riak. It can be used to build public or private clouds, or as reliable storage to power applications and services.

Always link to the Riak CS page -

When referring to Riak CS, always include a space between “Riak” and “CS.”

When referring to Riak Enterprise, always spell out multi-datacenter replication and never abbreviate.

Branding Guidelines