April 4, 2013

Boundary provides innovative application monitoring for new IT architectures: one-second app visualization, cloud-compatible, and only a few minutes from setup to results. They use Riak to store all of their historic data.

Due to the nature of Boundary’s service, they take in a massive amount of data at a high resolution and volume. After experimenting with a number of different options, Riak was selected for historic data due to its scalability, simplicity, high availability, and transparency. According to Boundary Founder, Cliff Moon, “Riak’s transparency and simplicity gives us peace of mind while it’s in production. We know what it’s doing and never have to worry about it.”

Altogether, they handle nearly 3TB of writes per day, store 200-300 million keys, and have three trillion separate observations stored in their cluster at any given point.

To learn more about how Boundary uses Riak, check out the complete case study.