Revolutionary “pay what you can” pricing model for start-up companies with no institutional funding

CAMBRIDGE, MA – December 9, 2009 – Basho Technologies, Inc., a provider of distributed data store and analytics software, today launched its Riak EnterpriseDS for Startups program with three innovative startup companies: Cedexis, Teleskele, and a stealth Massachusetts-based startup headed by Thomas Fredell, former CTO of IntraLinks, Inc.

Designed to meet the unique needs of early-stage, innovative companies with advanced analytical, data replication, and support needs but who are self-funded or in the pre-institutional funding phase, the program provides qualified clients with licenses to Riak EnterpriseDS on a pay-what-you-can basis.

“The deal is simple: pay what you can, get great code and better service. When we are in a position to pay more we will,” said Marty Kagan, CEO and Co-founder of Cedexis, which provides a collective intelligence platform for next-generation web traffic management strategies.

Riak EnterpriseDS for Startups customers typically have three qualifications in common: they are incorporated as a business, have not received institutional funding, and are willing to participate in case studies, feature design meetings, and serve as references.

“When we say pay-what-you-can, we mean it,” says Earl Galleher, Basho’s CEO. “With this program we hope more interesting Internet startups will get to market with world class infrastructure that allows them to scale cost-effectively.”

“We needed to demonstrate to early customers that we could scale,” said Gokhan Bayraktar, General Manager of Teleskele, which provides an international, multilingual, globally distributed, content-driven ad network. “Basho didn’t ask how much we could pay. They asked us what we wanted to build and how could we build it together.”

“Without Riak, I would not be able to execute this business nearly as well,” said Thomas Fredell, CTO and co-founder of a Boston-based startup in stealth mode and previously CTO of IntraLinks. “We need to analyze and query a huge body of data as it collects and with very low latency. The simple scalability and distributed MapReduce features of Riak make that possible.”

“Venture capital funding has slowed significantly and early stage companies face difficulties getting the resources needed to get their innovative products to market,” said Mr. Galleher. “Hopefully, this leads to more jobs as these companies grow and succeed. Our reward for offering this program will come over time.”

To learn more about the Riak EnterpriseDS for Startups program you can visit the Riak Enterprise page or email

About Basho Technologies

Basho Technologies, Inc., founded in January 2008 by a core group of software architects, engineers and executive leadership from Akamai Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: AKAM) is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Basho produces Riak, a distributed data store that combines high availability, easily-scalable capacity and throughput, and ease of use. Riak’s high availability data store means that applications built using Riak remain both read and write available under almost any operational conditions and without requiring intervention. Available in both an open source and a paid commercial version, Riak provides unprecedented read- and write-availability to web, mobile, and enterprise applications.

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