April 30, 2012

The majority of the Basho team is descending upon Cambridge, MA this week for an All-Hands Meetup. We’re a distributed company, and function well as such, but it’s great to get everyone together when feasible to see new faces, build culture, and reinforce why we are all a part of the company. We all look forward to these meetups, but this one is extra-special: we have a new office in Cambridge.

Basho was founded here in 2008, and since then Cambridge has served as our headquarters while we work on database world domination. On April 2nd, the crew here in Cambridge moved into a new space on the 2nd Floor at 700 Massachusetts Avenue. Located above Rodney’s Bookstore, this place has all the charm of a space built for a startup with all the amenities that come with recurring revenue; the best of both worlds.

We’ll be doing a good number of events out of this space, the first of which is the Boston Clojure Meetup. If you’re passing through the Boston area and need a desk for a day, or simply want to stop by and chat about databases, coffee, and beer, get in touch with Reid Draper – reid@basho.com – or shoot a message to us on Twitter and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

And if you want to work for Basho in Cambridge, San Francisco, Reston, or out of your home office, we are hiring talented individuals across the board.