February 07, 2012

The crowd-funding site for the Travis CI Project went live this morning. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of working with it, Travis is a “distributed build system for the open source community” with support for Ruby, PHP, Clojure, Erlang, and JavaScript (with more on the way). The team working full-time on Travis consists of Josh Kalderimis, Sven Fuchs, Konstantin Haase, Michael Klishin, and Mathias Meyer (who is the most recent addition). In just over a year, they have built a significant amount of support and momentum around the tool. As of this morning, Travis had run over 400,000 tests for just more than 5,400 open source projects; not bad for something that was a side project of Fuchs’ until last February.

Basho’s usage of Travis is mainly via Riak’s client libraries and we’ve been thrilled with it to date. Over the past few months, Sean Cribbs, Basho’s lead on Riak’s Ruby Client, has been using Travis. Reid Draper, another member of the Basho Team, has also started using it for builds of Sumo, a Riak Clojure Client that he and a few others are spearheading. There is also a handful of other Riak-related projects that are using Travis regularly.

Based on Sean and Reid’s experience with Travis and their opinion of the project’s usefulness and viability, it was an easy decision for us to donate money to support its ongoing development. Basho is also dedicated to the usage and proliferation of quality open source projects, and Travis is a great example of this. So we are proud to be a Silver Sponsor of Travis CI and are looking forward to watching the tool and its community grow.