Santa Clara, CA – June 24, 2013 – Today, at the Apache CloudStack Collaboration Conference, John Burwell of Basho Technologies will be presenting twice during the Track 1 sessions. This Collaboration Conference brings together users, integrators, and contributors to share their knowledge and work together for future CloudStack releases. This is the second Collaboration Conference and is taking place in Santa Clara from June 23-25th.

The first of Burwell’s sessions is titled “Who the Heck are You? Integrating SSO into CloudStack,” and starts at 11:30am. This talk will provide a brief introduction to the single sign-on (SSO) authentication model and associated best practices. It will then discuss the benefits of integrating CloudStack with one or more SSO infrastructures. His second session, entitled “How to Run From a Zombie: CloudStack Distributed Process Management,” starts at 2:30pm. This talk will explore CloudStack’s distributed process management requirements and the challenges they present in the context of CAP theorem. These challenges will then be addressed through a distributed process model that emphasizes efficiency, fault tolerance, and operational transparency.

John Burwell is a Consulting Engineer at Basho Technologies, the makers of the open source Riak distributed key value database and open source Riak CS object store. He is also a committer to the Apache CloudStack project focused on storage architecture and security integration. His first CloudStack contribution, S3-backed Secondary Storage, will be included in the upcoming 4.1.0 release.