August 02, 2012

Recently, Shanley Kane, our director of product management, was nominated as an individual member candidate to the OpenStack Foundation Board of Directors. Following Shanley’s nomination, she decided to withdraw. There has been significant speculation regarding the events that led up to Shanley’s decision.

Shanley is currently working with OpenStack in its effort to review and resolve the situation. We have been encouraged by the way OpenStack has handled the matter, including their responsiveness from the very beginning. Basho supports OpenStack’s review process and cannot provide any additional details at this time.

We’re honored to have Shanley considered as an individual member of the OpenStack Board. We encourage our employees to be actively and personally involved in important industry-defining organizations. OpenStack and Basho share many mutual users. The community members of both OpenStack and Basho expect us to build great software, to interoperate as needed, and to advocate open source principles.

The Basho Team