October 24, 2013

Next week, Basho will be sponsoring the O’Reilly Strata conference. This conference focuses on big data technologies and brings together decision makers, architects, developers, and analysts to discuss how to collect and use data successfully. The Strata Conference is combined with Hadoop World and takes place in New York City on October 28-30th.

On Wednesday, October 30th at 1:45pm, Jim Englert will speak on “Testing Riak for Multiple Data-Center Support: A Case Study.” Jim is the Lead Software Engineer at Gilt and will discuss his experience evaluating Riak before using it as the backend for the company’s main user store. In this talk, Jim will go through the testing process, the results of this stress test, and how Gilt – one of the top eCommerce companies in the U.S. – managed to test the features in production without outages or other interruptions. He will also discuss the strategy, tools, and processes necessary to achieve this feat in just five days, and also cover Gilt’s motivation for investigating Riak (such as the ability to span multiple data centers to expand across the Gilt’s physically separated data centers and into the cloud).

Before his talk, Jim will also be hosting office hours to further discuss Gilt’s use of Riak to help solve a variety of issues including disaster recovery, data availability across data centers, and scalability.

Throughout the conference, be sure and stop by the Basho booth for more information about Riak and how it can handle critical data at scale.