February 15, 2013

Basho and Citrix continue to collaborate on the integration of Apache CloudStack and Riak CS (Cloud Storage) to create a complete cloud software offering (see Basho joins Apache CloudStack Project).

On January 16, 2013, Citrix’s David Nalley and Basho’s John Burwell, detailed the underlying architecture and customer benefits of CloudStack and Basho’s Riak CS software. In the video, David Nalley provides an overview of CloudStack’s architecture and offers a walkthrough of CloudStack Administration, including provisioning of new instances and a description of the CloudStack API.

John Burwell, also a Committer to Apache CloudStack, explains the role of Secondary Storage software to store immutable assets (templates, ISO images, snapshots). John details the difference between Object Storage and Block Storage, discussing benefits such as flexible meta-data definition and custom API access. Finally, John describes enhancements in the upcoming 4.1.0 release that leverage Riak CS to synchronize assets in secondary storage across zones/data centers, reducing operational costs and complexity for multi-zone CloudStack implementations.

Basho is actively working with the CloudStack community to design CloudStack’s next generation architecture to drive deeper integration of leading edge storage technologies such as Riak CS.

Earlier this week, Basho and Datapipe announced the availability of a new object storage service on Datapipe’s 10 Gig Stratosphere Cloud Platform. The S3-compatible object storage service is built on Citrix CloudStack and fully integrates Riak CS.