March 24, 2011

Adam Hunter is the newest Basho Developer Advocate!

Adam first got involved with Riak when he used it in conjunction with Ripple, Riak’s Ruby library, to build several applications at his previous position. (In addition to being a deeply-skilled Ruby developer, Adam has also spent some happy years writing PHP for fun and profit.) In the process, he started contributing patches and features to Ripple, and we liked his code and enthusiasm for the project so much that we extended him committer rights. Since then he has become an active and visible member of the Riak community, so we were quite pleased when he accepted the offer to come aboard.

Home base for Adam is Charlotte, North Carolina, so be sure to look him up if you’re in the area and are interested in getting an earful about Riak and distributed systems. You can also find him on Twitter and on GitHub as adamhunter.

Welcome, Adam!

The Basho Team