Effective Governance

Basho Technologies is governed by a Board of Directors which is responsible for protecting and enhancing shareholder value over time by selecting, counseling and overseeing the performance of an executive team tasked with creating and executing an effective business strategy. As part of this strategy, the company is committed to developing transformative technologies that take the complexity out of managing active workloads in distributed IT environments. These technologies currently include a distributed NoSQL database, Riak KV, cloud-based simple object storage software, Riak S2, and most recently, the Basho Data Platform.


Stakeholder Message

If you are a stakeholder of the company and have detected or have reason to believe that an irregularity involving Basho’s investors, employees, vendors, other third parties affiliated with the Company has occurred, you may anonymously contact our Board of Directors online at www.fraudhl.com, using the Company ID “Basho.” Such irregularity may include an illegal, dishonest or fraudulent act, forgery or alteration of documents, misappropriation of funds, impropriety in the handling of financial transactions, profiteering as a result of insider information, destruction or disappearance of records or assets, and other personal improprieties. A copy of the Company’s fraud detection policy is available upon request.