September 1, 2010

Community Editors are non-Basho developers who have edit permissions on the Riak Wiki. How do you become one? Check out the Community Processes Section on the Riak Wiki for details.

We added a new Community Editor this week. His name is Mårten Gustafson.

Aside from being involved in putting a Riak application into production, Mårten has been active, knowledgeable and helpful on the Riak Mailing list and in the IRC Room (where he goes by the unassuming “chids”). He recently came forward and expressed interest in being a Community Editor, and based on his Riak credentials, the team here at Basho was more than happy to bring him aboard.

Welcome, Mårten! We are looking forward to your contributions.

If you’re interested in being a Community Editor for the Riak Wiki, let us know. We would love to talk to you.